Road Transport

Can we provide you Road Transport?
We have specialized in trucking domestically as well as to and from the United States and Mexico for the past two decades.

Road Transport
Trucking can be arranged to or from any city in the USA and Mexico to any city in Canada. Customs Bonded shipments are also possible. Most truck shipments are direct, meaning the truck does not offload at a terminal/transfer point en-route. We also provide local delivery and customs clearance in Canada if required. We can accommodate specific needs such as:
· Temperature Controlled Trailers
· 53’ Tractor Trailers
· Flat Beds, Low Boys
· Trucks and Vans of all sizes, some with power tail gate service

No matter the destination, product or quantity you can be assured your shipment will arrive as promised.
Local Expedite and Regular
We have the equipment for you! No loading dock, not a problem! From a car to a 28 foot straight truck with power tail gate for ground delivery, we can deliver locally within any major city in Canada using our network of agents and carriers

Highway Expedite
Time sensitive shipments? Not a problem! We can arrange to Direct Drive your cargo and even schedule a Team of Drivers to fulfill your time sensitive obligations.
Highway Regular
We can arrange pick up and delivery of both full truck loads either less than full truckloads to/from your suppliers at regular intervals and cost effective supply chain.

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