Sea Freight

How can Sea Freight improve your bottom line?
Ship larger quantities at a lower cost.

Sea Freight
This provides a practical option for a continuous supply of raw material. Sea Freight is an effective means of delivering finished goods to your customers and can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Air & Sea Forwarders Inc. can evaluate your needs and make specific arrangements for the following:
Full Container Service
· Standard 20’ & 40’ Containers
· High Cube 40’ Containers
· Open Top Containers
· Flat Rack Containers
· Refrigerated Containers
Less than Container Load (LCL)
Your Company may not need the use of a full container but need the services of Ocean Freight. LCL can do just that. We can arrange door to door shipment of our cargo either from your supplier or to your customer.
Ships sail weekly from major seaports all over the world.
Port to port transportation times vary from one destination to another and on average European sailings are 9 days and Asian sailings are 17 days. Please contact our office for more details.

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